An IT transition project, called ‘1TEAM’, was launched by Safram at the Group level several months ago. Its main objective was to standardise the way in which we work in our 13 Group agencies. In Annecy the implementation passed off so uneventfully that one of our clients thought we were joking when we announced the measure…

The integral implementation of our new IT system in Annecy (La Roche-sur-Foron) in April went off so smoothly that one of our major clients thought we had played an April Fool’s joke on him! His surprise was legitimate; we know well from past experience that this type of operation frequently engenders plenty of turbulence. So it was with great satisfaction that we announced that the roll-out in Safram Annecy was accomplished without any incidents and completely transparently for our clients. Our primary objective was thus achieved, thanks to the joint commitment and efforts of our local team and the project team composed of employees from across the Safram Group, mobillised on site for over a month. So the team in Annecy is now ready to power ahead under its own steam! This represents another point for our employees, who continued to display their great team spirit and efficiency. On the basis of this success we are now impatient to move on to the next roll-out, which will take place simultaneously in June 2019 in Lyon and Avignon.

The ‘1TEAM’ project in brief

After Annecy we will pursue the implementation of SAP in the 4 remaining branch offices that do not yet work with this latest IT system; that is our Lyon, Avignon, Bordeaux and Grasse offices. Before implementing this new tool we will proceed to reorganise our agencies to function in accordance with SAP workflows. One part of the team of employees will communicate with our final clients, and the other one with the Safram Group’s collaborators and partners. Once the IT system has been successfully centralised and implemented the quality and precision of our data will enable us to fortify our services for our clients and reduce our administrative tasks.

We will make sure that the completion of this transition, scheduled for December 2019, is carried out under the best possible conditions for all of the players involved in the project, and especially for our clients.

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