Our previous editorial referred to the constant changes in the challenges inherent in our profession. More than ever, our mission is to determine them clearly, analyze them and then focus on the most relevant solutions. And at the moment, there is to say the least an overabundance of disparate and changing issues ! Just judge by yourselves: the tricky issue of migrants causing damage to goods during an increasing number of incursions; the increasingly frequent practice of banditry during rest times on motorway service areas in particular; sudden swings in the Swiss, British and European currencies; the reintroduction of border controls; the explosion of requests for certifications, AEO, ISO, SQAS, SEDEX, HACCP, etc.; erratic fuel prices… A non-exhaustive list requiring management based on open-mindedness, anticipation and reasoned responsiveness, but serene however to be able to rely on the solid foundations of experience and group spirit – this is not an empty word, which drives Safram employees.

However, the challenge relating to the competitive environment is a major one, and it is with this in mind that Safram is diligently undertaking profound changes. 2015 saw the completion of the integration of the data from the German cooperative network OnLine into our centralized information management system. 2016 will be the year of the development of our own distribution organisation in France, beginning with the opening of a subsidiary in the Avignon region. More broadly speaking, our goal is to put the emphasis on developing customer bases and traffic which obviously fit our specificities, even if it means discarding less well integrated markets.

The need to focus mentioned in the preamble will therefore prompt me to conclude as follows: while maintaining a competitive level of pricing, Safram continues to develop a robust and committed network, guaranteeing quality, punctuality, reliability, traceability and personalisation of the services provided, the key to our strength for more than a half century now.

Christophe Hottelier

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