Michaela Mihai Sarrosquy, manager of our Paris office for the last 8 years, is to head up our new charter solutions department. We asked this driven businesswoman, a carrier’s daughter and loyal Safram employee 5 questions.

Safram. What does this department involve?
Michaela Mihai Sarrosquy. Our customers wanted a more comprehensive response to their transportation projects, beyond traditional groupage. Safram now offers an international charter solution.

S. How did you structure the service?
M.M.S. We are based in Bordeaux, France, from where we oversee missions for our 12 agencies. We have particularly reliable and competent partners who carry out special freight transport operations all over Europe.

S. How do you position yourself in a market undermined by the price war?
M.M.S. Price is important, of course, but it is not everything. We bring real added value with the Group’s experience in the international transportation of exceptional materials. We have excellent knowledge of logistics at competitive prices and with the added guarantee of a personalized service, based on responsiveness and a certain creativity.

S. What frame of mind do you work in?
M.M.S. We are, as it were, a travel agency for off-catalogue projects! Tanker truck, full truck load, exceptional transport: from pre-shipment to delivery, we implement the appropriate solutions to get the special goods to destination, whatever their destination.
Today, the Safram group is a global player, with customers who generally prefer to limit the number of partners.

S. What satisfaction do you personally derive from your job?
M.M.S. The challenge! Developing a transportation plan for a specific commodity, and furthermore internationally, is a challenging experience, from one mission to another. Negotiating with the stakeholders in the supply chain, from pick-up to distribution, is also an exciting exercise, where you have to demonstrate interpersonal skills to get the right price, without compromising on quality.

Contact the Safram charter department
Michaela Mihai Sarrosquy
+33 6 77 57 41 06

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