A necessary change.

European freight transport is particularly concerned by environmental issues. Involved in innovation and looking to reduce its ecological footprint, Safram has brought its first hybrid truck into service in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. Putting this vehicle, which runs on diesel fuel and electricity, on the road has also been dictated by the desire to enhance the reputation of road transport when it comes to nature conservation. If successful, the experiment will be applied across the whole Safram fleet as it is progressively renewed.

A leading position in a niche market.

Safram is one of the leaders in the transportation of hazardous goods; It is now aiming to expand its business into the food processing industry, in particular the organic sector, thanks to its mastery of safety processes and regulatory requirements.

Over the past few years, Safram has developed an ethical process covering goods, drivers and vehicles, with a working logic based on connection points and relays. The network benefits from cutting-edge technologies which make it possible to monitor each truck in real time via satellite. Dynamic and innovative, resolutely focused on customer service, Safram is confident about its growth in this market segment.


Safram hybrid truck

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