Dear customers, partners and employees,

Our intention in creating this online magazine is to give you access to the very latest information about SAFRAM and its network in Europe. Every month, the magazine will bring you our company news concerning our services & solutions, and, more generally, our vision of road transport. Since its foundation in 1965, SAFRAM has experienced harmonious growth, while adapting to the changes imposed by advances in our profession. The world of logistics is undergoing continual transformation, as the result of technological innovations, and in reaction to new challenges such as sustainable development, the rise of e-commerce, product traceability and recycling, urban logistics, storage, and returns logistics. Cost reduction and turnaround times represent additional challenges, in a competitive market where quality of service can vary greatly. At SAFRAM we pursue a clear objective, that of providing customer satisfaction at every stage of our value chain. If we manage to achieve this in our own modest way, it is thanks to the efforts of an entire team, who are competent and confident in their working tools, designed to provide a satisfactory solution to the potential pitfalls of the haulage industry, through efficiency, safety, reliability, consistency, care and precision. More than ever, our motto expresses our commitment: on the road, for you, every day!

With our best wishes,

Christophe Hottelier & Tito Fornasier