VIDEO : Here’s to a dynamic year 2018!

Our profession is closely linked to terms such as transfer, sequences and multi-disciplinarity. For this reason, we would like to give you an insight into […]


Success, something that must be looked after

While each company is unique, the issues faced, however, seem to be universal: among them are technological challenges, legislation, investment… and this notorious economic environment […]


Handpicked drivers at SAFRAM

Safeguarding our brand image, our drivers are selected with particular care. Independent and competent, they represent us in the field. Driver: a brand image to […]

Image direction

The strength of a network serving customers

Photo: Georges-Eric Ruys, Christophe Hottelier, Tito Fornasier and Yves Excoffier A graduate of l’École du Transport et de la Logistique, Yves Excoffier is today the […]


SAFRAM: certified efficiency and quality

To ensure quality services across the whole transportation network and offer a competitive logistics service, SAFRAM meets the requirements of the most demanding certifications. Synonymous […]

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